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Burberry Pre-Fall 2012

Oh, hey! Yes, yes, I know. I've deserted my followers. I am terribly sorry for that. Accept my apology? I've been learning about myself, my taste, my interests. I have so many projects coming up for you all! Miss me? I have something for you.

Burberry, Burberry, oh, Burberry. You know I'm sincerely obsessed with them. Their Pre-Fall 2013 collection blew me away, I said to myself "I have to blog about this. VC has to see this."

 We all know Burberry produces THE best outerwear looks. If you have the budget, Burberry is wear you do your fall/winter shopping. With his outerwear, he showed us different geometric patterns, a heavy use of animal print, snakeskin textures. Bailey features a print that resembles paint splatter, very digital. Very modern. Definitely a standout piece. Leather bombers featured on both men and women in cropped, quilted, multi-colored patterns. Double textured trenches were featured (ponyhair-wool, animal print-traditional garbardine, etc.) which, correct me if I'm wrong, is a first for Bailey. A gorgeous black, belted, peplum overcoat was shown (a la Kim Kardashian). Very 90's patent leather trench coats that I was not so crazy about.

Not to be placed on the back burner, their men's suits are perfectly tailored and women's dresses fit to perfection. There is one red dress with a mesh insert that I simply cannot get over. Dresses featured a very geometric corset with a very lady-like length. The boys are given many pieces with a heart pattern. Cute. Once again, more geometric patterns come into play for the boys in the sweater department (DYING).

Overall, job well done for Christopher Bailey. Pre-Fall's job is to give us a sneak peek for the fall collection. And frankly I'm excited. Take a look at the collection yourself below.

Justin Alvis


While you fell in love in a hopeless place, I fell in love at Barneys.

The caption reads true. You see, while doing my research for a research paper, Safari opened a new tab to your favorite department store, Barneys New York. I have absolutely no clue how it happened. I swear. While gagging browsing through the men's section, I came across a few items that caused me to shed a tear for a day when my entire closet will be filled with such things. Since I can't click "Add To Cart," I have to unfortunately/fortunately press the save image link and post it on VC for all of you guys to see. One day I will though. You'll see.

Maison Martin Margiela

Bottega Veneta

Rick Owens *gags*

Alexander McQueen

Now, would you research and become so fascinated with German Facism, or would you just want to fall in love at Barney's? Your choice

Justin Alvis